Great Job Opportunities Attract International Students to Germany

Students at a graduation ceremony at the University of Bonn

Students at a graduation ceremony at the University of Bonn, © picture alliance / photothek | B. Frommann

05.06.2023 - Article

What are the reasons that attract young people to study abroad or in Germany?

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) surveyed around 120,000 German and international students in its “Benchmark International University” (BintHo) study.

The current findings show that Germany is an extremely attractive place to study, that the German labour market is very attractive to international students, and that “students from all over the world are very satisfied with their German universities,” said DAAD President Prof. Dr Joybrato Mukherjee.

Key factors contributing to the attractiveness of studying in Germany include a wide range of appealing university courses and favorable study conditions (91 percent), the international reputation of German degrees (88 percent), and promising career prospects upon graduation (81 percent). Remarkably, over 60 percent of students express a desire to remain in Germany after completing their studies.

The recent announcement of Germany's new skilled worker strategy aligns well with these hopes. The strategy aims to attract an increased number of skilled professionals from both domestic and international sources. Given the current shortage of well-trained workers in numerous regions and industries, with around 1.98 million job vacancies recorded in 2022 alone, the implementation of a modern skilled worker immigration law has been underscored as vital by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in his address to the Bundestag in March 2023.

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