Celebrating Team Canada's Remarkable Triumph at the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin!

Thank you to Special Olympics Team Canada for being our guests and friends in Germany!

Thank you to Special Olympics Team Canada for being our guests and friends in Germany!, © SOC

27.06.2023 - Article

In a spectacular display of unwavering determination and exceptional skills, Team Canada has emerged triumphant at the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin, leaving a trail of inspiration and pride in their wake. These extraordinary athletes have brought home an astounding total of 46 gold, 20 silver, and 30 bronze medals, solidifying Canada's position as a force to be reckoned with in the global sporting arena.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the incredible athletes who have poured their hearts and souls into their respective disciplines, showcasing the true spirit of sportsmanship and exuding a contagious joie de vivre!

Join us in celebrating their outstanding achievements:

🥇 Malachy Stewart, Kyle Litfin, Steven Saman, William Shepherd, and Team Canada's basketball team won the gold medal.
🥇🥈 🏅🏅Aaron Higgins won an incredible four medals in powerlifting. 💪
🥇🥇🥇🥈 David Nicholson secured an exceptional three gold and one silver medal in powerlifting. 💪
🥇🥈 Ryan Kealey displayed remarkable strength, earning gold and silver in powerlifting. 💪
🥇 Ian Cushon and Marc Richardson won the gold medal in men's bowling doubles.
🥇 Taylor Carter claimed the gold medal in men's golf.
🥇🥉 Kelsey Wyse secured gold and bronze medals in swimming.
🥉 Rachel Peers earned a bronze medal in 10-Pin Bowling.
🥈 Wayne Gowanlock and Kyle Vogelgesang claimed silver in bocce.
🥉 Jesse Thibeault achieved bronze in relay.
🥇🥉 Jolyn Watts achieved both gold and bronze medal victories in relay.
🥈 Tyrine Flukinger, Taralyn Kalelest, Bonnie-Jean Shade, Michaela Wasyliw, McKenzie Millar, and the Team Canada Basketball team secured silver in basketball.
🥈 Erin Thom and Allie Price showcased their golf skills and secured silver in golf.
🥇🥈🥉 Jodi Klukas dazzled in rhythmic gymnastics, taking home gold, silver, and bronze medals.
🥉 Amanda Manzardo, Amy Nelson, Eileen Mooney, Jenny Murray, Amy Nelson, and Terra Dagenais proudly earned a bronze medal in soccer.
🥈 David Whittington earned a well-deserved silver medal in bowling.
🥇🥈 Abby Wilson made a splash in swimming, earning gold and silver.
🥉 Jennifer Riddell earned a bronze medal in athletics.
🏅 Tijana McCarthy from the Yukon earned fifth place in Golf - Level 4 individual stroke play.

It has been an honor for us to serve as the hosts of the Special Olympics World Games 2023 and to welcome all of you in Germany! We sincerely hope that you have taken home wonderful and lasting memories from these Games!

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