Updates on German-Canadian Economic Partnerships

Burning forest

Burning forest, © Colourbox


The German software corporation SAP has announced direct investments in three leading companies in the field of Generative AI

The investments in the German company Aleph Alpha GmbH, San Francisco-based Anthropic PBC, and Cohere with headquarters in San Francisco and Toronto, follow an open ecosystem approach with the aim of integrating AI into the entire SAP portfolio for business applications. As part of this strategy, research and development capabilities for AI use cases will be expanded, along with partnerships with other companies.
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The Vancouver based TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good invests in the German company Dryad Networks

Dryad Networks provides ultra-early wildfire detection through large scale IoT networks and sensors, detecting fires as early as their smoldering phase. This greatly reduces the risk of fires spreading out of control, and can help prevent the escalating costs and environmental impacts of wildfires, including biodiversity loss and health issues related to poor air quality.
More than 10 million hectares of Canadian forests have burned so far in 2023 with annual fire protection costs now exceeding $1 billion per year.
The $100 million TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good is one of the world's largest corporate social impact funds, and focuses its investments on for-profit companies and founders committed to driving social innovation.
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Bosch plans to acquire Paladin Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, Canada – a leading provider of security and life safety solutions and system integration services in North America. With the acquisition of Paladin Technologies, Bosch Building Technologies expands its system integration business by entering the Canadian market and increasing its US operations.
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GOLDBECK SOLAR North America has secured a loan for the construction of new solar PV projects in Canada and Chile.

The Canadian projects, situated in Alberta, boast capacities of 61 MWp and 8 MWp respectively and form part of a joint venture between GOLDBECK SOLAR and Pathfinder Clean Energy.
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Seven of the world’s leading automakers, including BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Group AG, are creating a joint venture to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in North America.

They are planning to develop a new, high-powered charging network with at least 30,000 chargers in urban areas and along travel corridors of Canada and the US by 2030. The first stations are scheduled to open in the summer of 2024. The stations will focus on an elevated customer experience with various amenities and use renewable energy.
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Conference: Virtual Canadian German Conference on Energy Efficiency in Office and Residential Buildings

Unlocking Efficiency: Explore the latest in energy-efficient building trends in Canada and Germany at the virtual conference hosted by the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc. It will include presentations from both countries and networking opportunities for the audience. The conference is part of the Energy Solutions Program and is supported by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change.

Date & time: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (PST)
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