Throwback: NATO's Double-Track Decision, Protests, and the Infamous 'Heiße Herbst' (Hot Autumn)

108 km long human chain from Stuttgart to Neu-Ulm

108 km long human chain from Stuttgart to Neu-Ulm, © In the left: picture-alliance / dpa | dpa / On the right: picture-alliance / dpa | Roland Holschneider


40 years ago, more precisely on October 22, 1983, more than one million people gathered in Hamburg, West Berlin, Bonn, and other places in Germany. A 108 km long human chain was formed from Stuttgart to Neu-Ulm to demonstrate for peace and disarmament and against the stationing of new medium-range nuclear missiles in the wake of the NATO Double-Track Decision. It is the climax of the West German peace movement.

Contemporary Spiegel article (in German)​​​​​​​

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