Digital Magazine: Opportunities - Working in Germany

Frankfurt am Main, Skyline

Panoramic overview of Frankfurt am Maine, Germany cityscape at night, © Colourbox


Download the magazine for free - and explore 56 pages about skilled professionals in Germany.

The German employment market offers opportunities for people from all over the world. Since this year, a comprehensive legal reform has been making it easier for people to come to Germany. Download the digital magazine “Opportunities – Working in Germany” to discover all the important facts about the new regulations. The magazine includes portraits of men and women from many different countries who tell how they came to Germany to make a career here and how they like it in their new home.
Germany has had a strong economy and been a great place for business for decades. A special section is dedicated to what sets the German economy apart and which role is played by exports and the “hidden champions” in the SME sector. The magazine also shows how companies are shaping Germany’s transformation into a climate-neutral industrialised country with their innovative ideas.

Chancen – Arbeiten in Deutschland (English & German)

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