Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Graphic of business man connecting on virtual reality conference

Virtual conference, © Colourbox


The Falling Walls Science Summit is a yearly scientific event held in Berlin, Germany, from November 7th to 9th, coinciding with the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Falling Walls Science Summit is a prestigious three-day gathering uniting experts from various scientific disciplines to explore groundbreaking research and foster collaborative solutions for the challenges of our time. As a global platform for scientific exchange, this annual event serves as a catalyst for innovation, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and promoting breakthrough thinking.

Among the highly interesting topics are for example A world without fear: innovative solutions to violence against women, Advancing personalised healthcare through wearable biosensors, Illuminating hope for the blind: visionary brain prosthesis and a conversation with Ferenc Krausz, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2023 and director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and professor at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Falling Walls Science Summit

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