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Kaddish for a Friend

Kaddish for a Friend, © picture alliance / Everett Collection | Farbfilm-Verleih/Courtesy Everett Collection


More film online! The Goethe Institut has just added the feature film “Kaddish for a Friend” to their streaming channel Goethe on Demand, free for you to watch all November Canada-wide. The film tells of the difficult but also hopeful encounter of a young Palestinian refugee and a Jewish World War II veteran in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Film on Goethe Institute

2038 Here Is How is a fictional documentary as a message from the future. The audiovisual message in a bottle, recorded in the year 2038, instructs us that in a quarter of a century we will have mastered the planet’s great crises. A close call and not easy—but we did it.
by Christopher Roth, Germany 2021

In the sci-fi drama Ökozid posterity holds court over our climate policy. Two women lawyers represent 31 countries in the global South that are doomed without the support of the world community.

by Andres Veiel, Germany 2020, starring Ulrich Tukur (The Lives of Others)

All films with subtitles, available Canada-wide for free.

Streaming platform for all three movies.

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