KINO! FILM SALON: Schultze Gets the Blues by Michael Schorr

Schultze gets the Blues

Schultze gets the Blues, (SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES) D 2003, Regie: Michael Schorr, HORST KRAUSE, Key: Aussteiger, Tank, © picture alliance/United Archives | United Archives/Impress


The focus of the next session for the English-language KINO! FILM SALON online film club on November 19, 2023 will be Michael Schorr‘s musical tragicomedy SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES.

The film received several international prizes: San Marco Special Jury Award at the Venice Film Festival (2003), Best Directorial Debut at the Stockholm International Film Festival (2003), Best Feature Film, Best Director & Best Art Direction at Gijón Film Festival (2003), European Film Awards: nomination for European Discovery of the Year in 2003, and the German Film Award 2004 for Production Design.

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Date and time: Sunday, November 19 at 11:30am – 12:30pm PT, 2:30pm – 3:30pm ET, 8:30pm – 9:30pm CET.
Hosted by Jim Kolmar

“Michael Schorr’s 2004 film is a folksy, eccentric delight. Horst Krause plays Schultze, an earnest mineworker of simple pleasures who suddenly finds his uneventful life flipped upside down. So, with his trusty accordion by his side, he embarks on an oddball road trip from rural Germany to small-town Texas for a Polka festival. With warmth and gentle humor, Schorr concocts a surprisingly universal tale of art, community, and the ineffable desire to belong.

There’s more than a touch of Aki Kaurismaki to the way this lovely film evolves into something that’s as much a celebration of life as it is an ode to the very American desire to follow one’s dreams, however modest they might seem.”

- Jim Kolmar, Telescope Film

KINO! FILM SALON is a production of Telescope Film, in collaboration with the German Film Office.

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