Direct Air Capture with Hydrogen Production: Canadian Firm Acquires Systems from German Start-ups



31.01.2024 - Article

Deep Sky, a Montreal-based developer of gigatonne-scale carbon removal projects, has inked a deal with the German start-up Greenlyte Carbon Technologies, setting its sights on installing a Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility with integrated hydrogen production in Canada. Slated to be operational by 2025, the facility aims to extract CO2 from the air on a gigaton scale.

The planned Direct Air Capture system is expected to remove up to 100 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually. Deep Sky plans to install the system in 2025 at a “strategically favorable location” in the province of Québec, taking advantage of the region's abundant hydropower and wind energy potential.

Upon commencement, Deep Sky anticipates becoming the world's first company to perform carbon capture at a gigaton scale. The Greenlyte system will be a part of an experimental setup named 'Alpha Lab'. Here, the partners will gather data on the facility's Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) efficiency, energy consumption, and more, aiming to validate the technology for commercial use in Canada. The company envisions transforming Canada into a global hub for carbon capture technology.

Damien Steel, CEO of the government-backed Canadian company, expressed delight over the collaboration. He praised GCT's technology for its ability to extract CO2 from the air with minimal energy consumption. Deep Sky's clients will purchase carbon credits from the company to meet their self-imposed or regulatory emission targets.

The technology developed by the Essen-based start-up captures CO2 from the ambient air and simultaneously generates hydrogen: The captured CO2 is converted into salt, used in an electrolysis process to produce concentrated streams of CO2 and hydrogen. These can then replace fossil fuels and create negative emissions.

GCT's CEO, Florian Hildebrand, emphasized that removing 'gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere' plays a crucial role in slowing down climate change.

In fact, Deep Sky is working with over a half-dozen startups as the firm tries to unlock tech that can be widely deployed.

In this context, Deep Sky has entered into a partnership with Carbon Atlantis, a Munich-based DAC company, to deploy their carbon removal technology in Canada. Carbon Atlantis will supply and install a DAC plant to be commissioned at Deep Sky's pilot plant in Québec in 2025. The plant will have a capacity of 260 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Carbon Atlantis’ patented electrolyzer for acid/base production enables low-cost, scalable Direct Air Capture. By circulating a liquid solvent through the system, the CO2 is captured and separated using only electricity. It will then be compressed and liquified by Deep Sky for transport and storage.

Once in operation, the partners will monitor the performance of the DAC unit at Deep Sky’s Alpha facility. Data will be collected on the performance of the unit in terms of carbon dioxide removal (CDR), energy consumption, and more. Together, the partners aim to validate the technology for commercial deployment in Canada as part of Deep Sky’s mission to develop Canada into a world-leading hub for carbon removal.

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