German Passport Wins Award

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31.01.2024 - Article

🌍🎉 Good news for globetrotters with a German passport! ⛱

For the first time since 2017, the German passport has climbed to the top of the 'Henley Passport Index.' With visa-free access to a record 194 countries and territories, it's now easier than ever for German citizens to explore the world. Sharing the top spot with France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Singapore, Germany's passport has reaffirmed its status as one of the most powerful travel documents out there. Check out the full details at Henley Passport Index 2024.

When you start planning your next adventure- please remember: for many destinations your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months! Check the validity regularly and apply for a new passport in time! Appointments are available here: passport appointment Vancouver🌐✈️

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