The Month of January

Demonstrationen gegen Rechtsextremismus - Jena

Participants in a demonstration against right-wing extremism gather on the market square in Jena. With the demonstration, the participants want to set an example of resistance against right-wing extremist activities, © picture alliance/dpa | Bodo Schackow

01.02.2024 - Article

The year started with a shock in Germany when the independent news outlet CORRECTIV exposed a highly secretive meeting of right-wing politicians, where discussions about the expulsion of individuals with migrant backgrounds took place.

Since that day, thousands of people across Germany have taken to the streets every day to demonstrate their firm resistance against the disturbing surge in right-wing extremism and its associated dangers. The public's message is loud and clear:

Germany has no place, no want and most certainly absolutely no need for a far-right movement, let alone government!

In this context, the observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day took on even greater significance, standing as a solemn reminder of the lessons history has imparted upon us.

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