R2R Festival 2024: German Movie “Boyz”


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The 26th R2R Film Festival for Youth will be running from April 7-16, 2024 with the premiere of the German feature film “Boyz”!


Gen Z friends Maxime, Julian, and Vilas live in Munich, where they spend the last of their carefree teenage years. Their everyday lives consist of studying, partying and Playstation. Slowly, the three begin to move in different directions, though they all face a common challenge: the path to adulthood. Their special connection with each other seems unaffected by the ruthless stereotypes of becoming men. The trio naturally cuddle up and express their care for one another – even though the perils of becoming an adult invite a host of insecurities, their securely attached friendship introduces us to a seemingly new concept of male relating, rooted in openness, honesty and intimacy. Maxime will soon branch out on his own and leave the group behind to study abroad, and while leaving is hard, staying behind is even harder. A compassionate examination of the rich complexity of male-freindship against the quotidian backdrop of coming of age.

Sylvain Cruziat | Germany | 2023 | 72 minutes | German, English spoken | English subtitles

Advisory: coarse language and sexually suggestive scenes, frank discussions of sexuality and gender, consumption of alcohol
Feature film recommended for age: 14+

PUBLIC SHOWING on Sunday April 14 @ 12:00PM
VIFF Centre Theater | 1181 Seymour St | Vancouver, BC | V6B 3M7

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