German customs regulations

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Whether you

  • plan to travel to Germany as a tourist/visitor and want to know which goods you are allowed to bring or
  • plan to move to Germany and require information on moving your personal/household property to Germany or
  • wish to send a package to Germany or
  • would like to move goods for business purposes or
  • have any other question regarding German customs regulations,

the German Customs Authority “Zoll” has set up an extensive English Website where you should be able to find most of the information you require (for some more specific links please scroll down) :
Zoll - German Customs Authority (English Website)

If you have any further questions, you can also contact the “Zoll” directly at:
E-mail: enquiries.english@zoll.de
Tel: +49 351 44834-530 (in English)
Fax: +49 351 44834-590

Specific customs regulations and questions:

Cash sums totalling 10,000 or more euros on trips to and from Germany must be declared to the customs authorities. This applies to both cash and equivalent means of payment.

Obligation to declare cash when travelling to or from Germany

Products of animal origin may carry pathogens that cause infectious diseases in animals. There are strict procedures and veterinary controls on the introduction of products of animal origin into the European Union.

Can I take food products of animal origin to Germany?

The legal maximum limit for pharmaceutical products is the quantity required to meet the traveler's personal needs during the trip. Travelers are advised to carry a doctor's prescription or statement concerning the medication in question.

Can I take Pharmaceuticals to Germany?

If the quantity or value of goods exceeds custom exemption limits, the goods become dutiable goods and customs clearance is required. The Post Office is entitled to carry out customs clearance itself, provided that the package is accompanied by a customs declaration and the bill of mailed goods.

What are the customs regulations on mailing packages to Germany?

Under certain conditions, tourists can apply for a VAT refund for goods purchased in the European Union and exported to a country outside of the European Union within three months after the date of the purchase.

VAT Return

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