“6 degrees” – international talks on citizenship and diversity in Calgary

6 Degrees

6 Degrees, © Karsten Thielker/ICC

28.02.2019 - Article

With their “6 Degrees” talks, Canada's former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson and author John Ralston Saul created a global conversation on citizenship and diversity. The event took place in Berlin last year – with participation of Ai Weiwei – and will be held in Calgary on March 14th this year. “6 degrees” invites international speakers, such as artists, activists, scientists, politicians or writers for a full day of conversation and action on immigration, refugees, belonging, and building inclusive societies.

The next event in Berlin is already planned. The German missions in Canada as well as the Goethe-Institute in Toronto are included in this process. Furthermore, in the near future the European headquarter of “6 degrees” will be based in Berlin.

When? March 14th, 2019. 09:00am – 5:00pm

Where? Jack Singer Concert Hall Lobby, 225 8 Ave SE, Calgary

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