From the Old World to the New: Concert with Cathedral Organist Denis Bédard

Organist playing a pipe organ

Organist playing a pipe organ, closeup view, with motion blur , © Colourbox

26.04.2019 - Article

The Holy Rosary Cathedral downtown Vancouver presents a musical voyage that starts in Europe with works by Italian and German composers, arrives at this continent with works by American composers, and ends in Vancouver with the second half of the concert devoted to works by Denis Bédard.

More Information: http://www.holyrosarycathedral.org/events/event/from-the-old-world-to-the-new-concert-with-cathedral-organist-denis-bedard/

When? Friday, May 24, 2019 I 8:00PM

Where? Holy Rosary Cathedral, 646 Richards St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3A3

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