German Beer Tasting Night

Beer Tasting

Young women in traditional Bavarian clothes - dirndl or tracht - on a festival or Oktoberfest in a beer tent, © Colourbox

26.06.2019 - Article

The Vancouver Alpen Club hosts their first German Beer Tasting Night giving all connoisseurs of German beer craftsmanship – or at least those who aspire to become one - the opportunity to dive into the secrets of German beer. While you can try five beer tasters and a traditional Bavarian pretzel, Guy McClelland, founder and owner of McClelland, will debunk popular beer myths, introduce Canadians to original European craft beer and explain traditions and norms associated with beer in Germany such as the so-called ‘Reinheitsgebot’. Prost!

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When? June 19, 2019

Where? The Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver V5N 4P3

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