SUSTAINABILITY WEEK #3: Zero-Waste Vegan Potluck with German Vegan Chef Boris Lauser

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Summer salad with organic vegetables like a tomatoes, pepper, rocket and cucumber, © Colourbox

22.08.2019 - Article

On Sunday, September 29 we are going to host a Zero-Waste Vegan Potluck! Let's hang out, enjoy some yummy zero-waste vegan eats & learn! This potluck features special guest Boris Lauser, a raw vegan chef from Germany. Boris is known for his raw vegan cooking, his book, ‘Go Raw Be Alive’, and for starting the Plant Based Institute in Germany, which offers training to become a Plant Based Chef and Nutritionist. He also teaches raw food retreats around the world.

The Zero-Waste Vegan Potlucks are regularly occurring in Vancouver, among other Zero-Waste and Vegan events by Peace People Project, including the #zwvMarket + #zwvWorkshop + #zwvHotLuck events, and Vancouver Vegan Festival. Tosha Lobsinger of Peace People Project and Boris Lauser will share their knowledge and tips about zero-waste, raw, and vegan shopping, food preparation, and living.

What to bring: A zero-waste vegan dish to share (no single use packaging! no animal products!)

The idea is that there is no trash/recyclables/disposables at the event or behind-the-scenes. Please shop zero-waste in preparation for your contribution. Some stores that offer bulk foods locally:

- The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples
- Nada
- Kitsilano Natural Foods
- Bulk Barn (Richmond, New West, North Van)
- Quidditas Health on Commercial Drive
- you can also bring cloth bags to grocery stores like Superstore/Whole Foods that have bulk sections.

If you're not zero-waste or vegan and you're interested in learning more about this lifestyle, you are obviously so welcome!

We will be on the grass at Creekside Park. The park is wheelchair accessible with a parking lot and ramps to pathways surrounding the grass.

This event does not take place in heavy rainy weather!

We are looking forward to getting together!

Date: September 29, 2019 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm

Venue: Creekside Park, 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

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