SUSTAINABILITY WEEK #3: Zero Waste Vegan Potluck with German Vegan Chef Boris Lauser

Vegan food

Summer salad with organic vegetables like a tomatoes, pepper, rocket and cucumber, © Colourbox

26.08.2019 - Article

On Sunday, September 29 we are going to host a Zero Waste Vegan Potluck!
What that means? It’s actually super easy – everyone brings a zero waste (no single-use plastic) vegan (no animal products) dish to share as well as their own plate, cup and cutlery. Then we all share the food and enjoy the get-together!

This event will not take place in rainy weather conditions!

Date: 29. September, 3pm

Place: Creekside Park, 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

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