Early Music Vancouver: J. S. Bach’s Musical Offering

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach., © Colourbox

04.11.2020 - Article

Early Music Vancouver’s next concert on November 11th at 7:30PM includes the pinnacle of baroque chamber works: J.S. Bach's Musical Offering.

Bach’s Musical Offering was initiated in 1747 when Frederick the Great of Prussia, himself a superb flutist, gave to Bach a complicated theme upon which the composer improvised to the astonishment of all present. Within the next few weeks Bach perfected and presented to Frederick a composition which exhibits Bach’s boundless imagination and profound depth of expression in a brilliant set of canons and fugues, and a trio sonata that is without parallel in 18th-century chamber music, all based on this royal theme. Composed in 2002, Vancouver composer Jocelyn Morlock’s “Revenant” is based on reversing the same royal theme.

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Venue: Virtual Format
Date: Wednesday, 11.11.2020
Time: 7.30pm

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