Three German companies among Canada's top 100 employers

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30.11.2020 - Article

Congratulations to K+S Potash Canada GP, BASF Canada and SAP Canada, for being among the winners of the Canada's Top 100 Employers competition (presented by Medicorp)! This year, the ranking also considered how corporations supported employees and communities during the COVID-19 under pandemic.

Check the full list of winners

K+S Potash Canada GP

BASF Canada

SAP Canada

We had the great pleasure to interview Heike Neumann, VP and Head of HR for SAP Canada in July 2020 about the changes that COVID-19 has brought about in the work environment.

In our interview, she shared how SAP Canada quickly adapted to the new situation while making sure they could continue to serve their Canadian customers who were simultaneously looking for new strategies that could be implemented in both the short and long term.

Interview with Heike Neumann and other managers of German companies in Canada

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