Interview of the German Consulate General with the adventurer, singer and songwriter Driftwood Holly

Driftwood Holly

Driftwood Holly, © Kirsten Lorenz, Sara Katharina Müller

02.12.2020 - Article

We have the great pleasure to interview adventurer, singer and songwriter Driftwood Holly  in December. The German singer emigrated almost 20 years ago from Oberwiesenthal in Saxony to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. He used to be a high-Performance athlete in his youth competing in the former GDR. Due to his athletic career, he was selected for military service at the Berlin Wall, where only hand-picked people were allowed for military service. He witnessed firsthand what went on during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We are going to talk with him about his experiences in those epochal times, daily life in the Yukon Territory and his life as adventurer and singer/songwriter.

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Holly's home
Holly's home© Kirsten Lorenz

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