In Conversation with Driftwood Holly 2.0

Driftwood Holly

Driftwood Holly, © Sara Müller; Kirsten Lorenz

27.01.2021 - Article

Holly immigrated in 2000 from Germany to Canada, more precisely to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. Born and raised in Saxony, in the former GDR, he was a high-performance athlete in his youth, competing for the GDR as a ski jumper. After his career in sports, he was drafted into the military as a guard at the Berlin wall. He saw the fall of the Berlin Wall first hand and has many interesting stories to share about that special time. Today he is a singer & songwriter, touring and performing with his band in Canada and Germany alike.
Our colleagues at the German Consulate in Vancouver had an interesting talk with him about his youth in the GDR, his time as a border guard, and his life in the Yukon. We hope you can gain some insight from this interview if you are interested in immigrating to the wilderness of the Yukon Territory, in what the life-style of an adventurer looks like, and, last but not least, what it was like when the Berlin wall came down!

Watch the interview!

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