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Book Cover: Lucy Fricke, Töchter

Book Cover: Lucy Fricke, Töchter, © Rowohlt / picture-alliance / Daniel Gammert

04.03.2021 - Article

Onleihe is your free online access to the world of German literature. Every week the Goethe-Institute presents a new book from their huge selection that is particularly worth reading.

This week:

Lucy Fricke “Töchter” (Rowohlt, Berlin 2018)

Friends Martha and Betty from Berlin set off on a trip to Switzerland. They have a terminally ill father on the back seat who wants to die. But life does not end there. Because sometimes you just have to plow through. Even when misfortune hits you from behind on the bumper. All the way to Greece, deeper and deeper into the abyss of your own history.

“Stunning. Hilariously funny and beautifully sad” (Peter Henning, Spiegel Online).


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