EMV: Piano Concert: Haydn, Mozart and Schubert

Andreas Staier

Andreas Staier, © Pacific Baroque Orchestra, Early Music Vancouver

02.09.2021 - Article

Early Music Vancouver welcomes Andreas Staier, one of the world’s most prominent fortepianists and harpsichordists, to inaugurate the newest member of our instrument collection: a fortepiano modelled on an 1819 instrument by Conrad Graf (1782-1851), built by the world-famous Paul McNulty.

The pieces chosen by Staier for this concert are dramatic and colourful, showcasing the wide spectrum of sounds and tones particular to this piano. Haydn’s keyboard pieces are often overlooked compared with those of Mozart and Schubert, but they shouldn’t be. They are full of character and drama. The E flat sonata by Haydn and the B flat sonata by Schubert are among the composers’ very last works and both pieces are thought to be their best keyboard works. Staier’s indisputable mastery will shine in these works inaugurating this newest addition to EMV’s impressive instrument collection.


    Tickets for this in-person concert will go on sale September 8

    A free, online recording of this concert will be available from October 27

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