Ziegler Lecture: Author Reading and Discussion with Zafer Şenocak on Berlin, “The Capital of the Fragment”


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01.10.2021 - Article

Abstract: As part of UBC’s Dept. of CENES Ziegler Lecture Series, Şenocak will read from his essay on Berlin, “The Capital of Fragment,” and discuss narratives of postmigration with Prof. Markus Hallensleben from UBC’s Centre for Migration Studies Narratives Research Group.

Bio: Zafer Şenocak, born in Turkey, moved as a child to Germany and lives since 1989 in Berlin as a freelance writer. He has written widely on the issues of diversity in Germany, migration and exile, the Turkish diaspora, and the short distances and large fears of a globalizing Europe. The historical background of mixed and broken identities is a key issue in his novels, creating a special fragmented form of memory and storytelling. His writing includes poems in German and Turkish, novels and long essays. He is also a frequent contributor to nationwide German newspapers, such as Die Tageszeitung, Der Tagesspiegel and Die Welt. Şenocak’s work is translated into Spanish, Italian, French, English and Czech. He was writer in residence at US-Universities, such as Berkeley, M.I.T., Oberlin College, Dartmouth College, University of Arizona. A volume of his poems written in German was translated by Elizabeth Oehlkers-Wright: Door Languages, Boston, 2008. His essay collection Atlas of a Tropical Germany, University of Nebreska Press, 2000, was edited and translated by Prof. Leslie A. Adelson. His novel Gefährliche Verwandtschaft was translated into Spanish, French, Turkish and into English as Perilous Kinship by Prof. Tom Cheesman.

Date & Time: Oct. 14 at 11 am PT

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