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01.10.2021 - Article

Chaconne: In Memory of Jeanne Lamon | EMV DCH

Wednesday, October 6 2021 | 7:30 pm

Eight notes of one famous bass line have placed Johann Pachelbel among the world’s most well- recognized composers. Yet there is much more to him than his ever-popular Canon. This program presents two rarely heard suites from Pachelbel’s major surviving chamber music work, Musikalische Ergötzung (Musical Delight). Featured gems for solo violin and continuo include ciaconnas by Italian composers Antonio Bertali and Nicola Matteis. Both were violin virtuosi who left their native country for successful careers in Vienna and London, respectively. Matteis contributed to steering the English taste toward the florid and fiery Italian school of violin playing. From the earthly to the ethereal, explore the remarkable spectrum of what the chaconne has to offer with these four talented local artists.

This concert is generously supported by David McMurtry

This concert is dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Lamon

How to watch:

Online: Watch the concert online via EMV's Youtube channel from October 6, 2021
TV: Watch the concert premiere on Telus Optik on channel 710

Access to the online concert is free, and donations are greatly appreciated. Concert will remain online for two weeks.

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