EUFF 2021 - German Contribution: “Precious Ivie”

Precious Ivie

Precious Ivie, © Weydemann Bros.

01.11.2021 - Article

Due to the ongoing concerns caused by now a fading but by no means finished pandemic, the three festival presenters in Canada (in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto), along with the Delegation of the European Union to Canada and the EU Member States, have decided to bring you another exciting virtual version of the EUFF in November 2021.

For the second—and hopefully final—time in the long history of the EUFF, we are presenting our Festival online and, also like last year’s edition, making it available not only in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto, but all across Canada!

The German contribution “Precious Ivie” goes online for 48 hours on November 25th.

Sarah Blaßkiewitz’s engaging film addresses the current and always thorny topic of racism through its winning combination of incredible acting and clever humor. Afro-German Ivie, whom her friends call ‘Schoko (means ‘Chocolate’), lives in Leipzig. She works at a solarium run by her ex-boyfriend while she looks for steady employment as a teacher. One day, her half-sister from Berlin shows up at her door. She tells Schoko of the death of their father and his upcoming funeral in Senegal. Neither sister knew him, nor did they know each other until now, and thus they find it difficult to imagine getting to know his side of their family. As the sisters from two very different cities grow closer, Ivie starts to question not only her nickname, but also her culture and her self-image. And so an amazing journey begins.

Precious Ivie

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