Join Tomorrow at 9am (PDT): “Making the Transition Just – How can the Transition to Clean Energy Provide Opportunities for Workers and Producers?”

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02.11.2021 - Article

Wednesday, November 3

9:00am (PDT)

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This three-part roundtable series, a partnership of the German and French Embassies in Canada as part of the Ottawa Climate Talks, is designed to shed light on the issue of energy justice (access and affordability) and offer concrete examples of policies and actions to push and propel us towards not just a clean transition, but a clean and JUST transition.

Making the transition to clean energy requires an emergency response, today. The time for incremental approaches is over if we are to halt warming the planet in time to avoid the climate catastrophe that is only years away, not decades.

The transition to clean energy as the primary source of energy in Canada will impact both consumers and suppliers. On the supply side, there are different impacts for different players that must be understood and planned for if a just transition is to be achieved. This session will explore:

  • The policies/ policy ideas and actions to support displaced workers from the traditional energy sector, as well as engage people currently excluded from the labour market in emerging clean energy workforce opportunities
  • Energy producers and suppliers, considering the policies and actions needed to support the growth of new and emerging producers/suppliers of clean energy
  • Disruptors with the potential to develop and drive the adoption of new technologies to enable and force change among the small, medium and large energy producers and suppliers (including oil and gas)



    Kareen Rispal

    Ambassador of France in Canada


    Diana Fox Carney

    Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs


    Thoren Albrecht

    Director of Policy, IG Metall Vorstand

    Catherine Bertram

    General Manager, Mission Basin Minier

    Matt Jamieson

    President & Chief Executive Officer, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation


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