January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

We remember

We remember, © German Consulate General

28.01.2022 - Article

On this day, we commemorate the 6 million Jewish victims and the 11 million other victims killed by the Nazi regime. We pay our respects to the victims and survivors of the genocide as well as acknowledge the importance of human rights.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and with the growing number of anti-democratic movements around the world, we have observed an alarming rise in antisemitism in the form of discriminatory conspiracy theories, historically distortive statements and imagery, the appropriation of Jewish persecution and a significant increase in antisemitic hate crimes and hate speech.

It is vital for us to understand the dangers of Holocaust distortion and how holocaust denial, downplayment, conspiracy myths and false equivalencies not only insult the victims of the Holocaust but continue to threaten the safety of Jewish people today.

It is important for all of us to challenge holocaust distortion, denial, antisemitism and conspiracy myths in our societies.

The IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) started a global awareness-raising campaign called #ProtectTheFacts. Please take a moment to learn more.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Holocaust Remembrance Day© International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance - IHRA

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