DAAD Podcast: DAAD Young Ambassador Zachary Nanji

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01.02.2022 - Article

DAAD's “Coffee Connections” podcast features conversations with students and senior scholars about their experiences living, studying and researching in Germany.

The latest episode, hosted by Hanni Geist of DAAD's San Francisco Information Point, finds her chatting with Zachary Nanji, a student at McGill University and a DAAD Young Ambassador. DAAD Young Ambassadors share their experiences in Germany with their peers and serve as a point of contact for those with questions about about life in Germany, both at university and beyond campus.

Zachary Nanji is currently a Senior Honours International Development and Management Student at McGill University in Canada. Originally from the UK, he started learning German at Eaton College and visited Munich and Bonn via a school exchange that planted the seed for a 6-month stay at the Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich during the 2019 academic year. As a DAAD Young Ambassador, he shares his passion for international travel and offers insightful best practices to get the most out of an international university exchange.

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