Circular economy: BASF Canada releases documentary on resource management

Symbolischer Wegweiser Recyclinghof

[M] Ein weißes Hinweisschild an einem Laternenmast mit der Aufschrift “Recyclinghof”, im Hintergrund ein Baum und ein Haus. Composing als Symbolbild für die Wiederverwertung von Rohstoffen., © SULUPRESS.DE

01.04.2022 - Article

Last autumn, the documentary “The Afterlife of Waste” on the topic of circular economy, produced jointly by BASF Canada and Bullfrog Power, was released. The international project was set up to educate Canadians about more efficient resource management systems. In particular, the circular economy is shown as a key factor in the recycling of plastic waste. The documentation, with the participation of various industry players, sheds light on the current challenges in dealing with plastic waste in Canada and positions the circular principle as a solution to reducing its harmful effects.

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