War in Ukraine - Memorials for Killed Children

Ukraine-Krieg - Gedenken an getötete ukrainische Kinder

Teilnehmer legen Teddys mit Schildern , die die Namen von im Krieg in der Ukraine getöteten Kindern tragen, auf den Boden. Der Verein Blau-Gelbes macht mit 135 Stofftieren, die auf dem Roncalliplatz vor dem Kölner Dom niedergelegt werden auf das Leid durch den Krieg aufmerksam., © dpa

01.04.2022 - Article
War in Ukraine: Memorial for Killed Children
March 27, 2022, Munich, Bavaria, Germany: As the confirmed number of Ukrainian children killed by invading Russian forces tops 139, the Ukrainian community of Munich, Germany organized a memorial with baby strollers and carriers to symbolize the lives lost. The organizers stressed that the deaths of children prove the war as one against civilians, despite Russian propaganda stating they are only hitting military targets.© ZUMA Press Wire

At solidarity rallies in Cologne and Munich on Saturday, participants laid down 135 teddy bears/strollers/baby seats with the names of children killed in the Ukraine war. Thousands of people again took part in the many Germany-wide demonstrations against the Ukraine war this weekend. Among them, in many major cities, the Consuls General and Honorary Consuls of Ukraine.
According to the Ukrainian authorities, more than 135 children have been killed by bombs since the beginning of the war.
The events took place peacefully and without any disturbances, as reported by the initiators. The teddy bears are later to be given to refugee Ukrainian children in Cologne.

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War in Ukraine: Memorial for Killed Children
March 27, 2022, Munich, Bavaria, Germany© ZUMA Press Wire

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