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28.04.2022 - Article

François Caillat’s film begins with a macabre event—the exhumation of an unknown soldier’s corpse on Caillat’s family estate. What follows is a story of thwarted destinies, brutal deaths and the exile of characters who seem to come straight from the pages of a novel. Three German Soldiers (Trois Soldats allemands) weaves together the impressionistic strands of a complex, fast-moving story that has been unraveling for over 100 years.

With Three German Soldiers (Trois Soldats allemands), three soldiers who died in Lorraine wearing the German uniform, Caillat tells the adventure of the 20th century as seen through the prism of the wars between France and Germany, and the final throes of the French nation before its adoption of a European identity through reconciliation.

This screening is connected to a special industry event with director François Caillat.

Date & Time:   Sun, May 8th | 4:45 PM

Venue:             The Cinematheque


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