Movie Tip: Masel Tov Cocktail

Masel Tov Cocktail

Masel Tov Cocktail, © Arkadij Khaet

30.05.2022 - Article

For those of you who didn't get to see “Masel Tov Cocktail” when we screened it last year, there's good news: The short film by Arkadij Khaed is now available in the ARD Mediathek until 18.10.2022 (German with German subtitles):

Watch Masel Tov Cocktail

In 30 minutes, “Masel Tov Cocktail” tells the story of the German-Jewish youth Dimitri Lieberman (Alexander Wertmann), who is confronted with an anti-Semitic “joke” at a German high school. Dimitri, however, does not allow himself being pushed into the role of victim, but defends himself with an impressive right hook. For those around him he is now the perpetrator - and has to think about how to deal with his own reaction to the anti-Semitism raised against him.

The award-winning short film Masel Tov Cocktail is an extremely entertaining and highly intelligent comedy in which author and director Arkadij Khaet skillfully plays with German-Jewish clichés from anti-Semitism to philosemitism and masterfully encourages the viewers to question their own position without condemning or attacking them in the process.

Khaet, still a student while shooting Masel Tov Cocktail, is one of the most promising talents in the German film industry. Leading actor Alexander Wertmann - 19 at the time of filming and also still in acting training - shines with his nuanced portrayal of the charming, smart and courageous main character who makes the film what it is: one of the best films that German cinema has produced in recent years and a complete paradigm shift in viewing Jewish life in Germany.

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