Invitation to the Outreach Event July 2022

Tea Time

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30.06.2022 - Article

On July 16, 2022, the outreach program invites you to the lecture “Hoffnung, eine Kraft in unserem Leben” by Pastor Hardo Ermisch.

At 14:00, coffee, tea and cake will be served. The program will follow at 14:30.
Please understand that there may be changes to the program.
- Family and friends are welcome.
- Every visitor must be vaccinated. The organizers will provide guests with masks.
- The Outreach Program appreciates donations to help defray the cost of coffee, cake and other expenses.
- Please use only the side entrance to the large hall (atrium).
- Follow the signs down to the right and through the lower parking lot.
- Do not walk through the retirement home.
Protect yourself and others by wearing masks as much as possible during the event!

After a summer break in August, the program resumes on September 17 with the lecture “A Cultural History: Ukraine and Russia” by Dr. Florian Gassner (UBC).

If you have any questions please contact
Waltraud Custer
Outreach Coordinator
604-713-6562 Cell: 604-263-2010

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