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European Book Club: Switzerland

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24.08.2022 - Article

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver invites you to read and discuss “Elephants in our Yard” by Meral Kureyshi. The award-winning debut tells the story of a young women reflecting on her identity between two different cultures.

“Elephants in our Yard” - Synopsis

When her father dies unexpectedly, the young narrator of “Elephants in our Yard” finds her life thrown into disarray. As a member of a Turkish Kosovar family now living in Switzerland, she feels unwelcome in her adopted homeland and struggles to fit in and make connections with others. Memories of her idyllic childhood in the old Ottoman city of Prizren, from which she emigrated with her family at the age of ten, force their way into the present. But the world of her childhood no longer exists, and she realizes that she, too, has changed. As she tries to find a place for herself in her new country and becomes fluent in her adopted language, she becomes increasingly more estranged from her mother with every new word of German she speaks. “Elephants in our Yard” is a poignant first novel about a life marked by migration and alienation, sadness and loss, but also by hope and new beginnings. (Synopsis by Noumena Press)

Meral Kureyshi's “Elephants in our Yard” was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize in 2015 and was awarded the Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern in 2016. The novel was translated and published in English in 2022.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schallié, Professor and Chair at the Department for Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria.

Get your copy of “Elephants in our Yard”

The Consulate General of Switzerland has a limited number of copies that will be distributed for free within Canada. The books will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. Please mind that they will only send books to registered participants of the Book Club. To inquire about availability, please send an email to vancouver@eda.admin.ch with your mailing address.

You can also purchase your personal copy on Small Press Distribution  (shipped from the US) or on Amazon.ca.

Date: Wednesday, September 21

Time: 12pm noon PT, online

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