Why learning German can shape your Future

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony, © Colourbox

25.08.2022 - Article

In this article, graduates of PASCH schools from all over the world talk about the role Germany and their knowledge of German play in their current careers. Marina Tawfik learned German at the Neferati International School. Today she works as a German teacher at the school. She loves to teach her students the German language and culture.

PASCH stands for the initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future”. PASCH helps school leavers as they move from school to university education and awards scholarships for studying in Germany. The Support Initiative for German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools helps foster ties with German universities. Former pupils can forge contacts, continue to learn and obtain information on study and career opportunities via alumni gatherings and on pasch-alumni.de.

Article only available in German language

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