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Internationale Deutscholympiade 2022

Internationale Deutscholympiade 2022, © Goethe Institut | Andreas Dahn

27.09.2022 - Article

The Internationale Deutscholympiade (IDO), a program of the Goethe-Institut, is the world's largest German language competition.

The final round takes place every two years at different venues in Germany.

The aim of the IDO is to promote young international talents and to inspire young people abroad for the German language, to strengthen tolerance among each other and to open doors to German culture and civil society for the participants.

The participants, who first have to qualify in a national contest, will then be guests in Germany for a two-week program. There, the best German learners of the qualifying rounds compete for the first three places among the world's best.

Interesting workshops are waiting for the participants, getting to know Germany through encounters with young people, artists and cultural professionals as well as an interesting cultural program. The competition is in line with the Olympic ideal of peaceful coexistence and the richness of the world's diverse cultures.

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