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The Shabbos Queen by Stuart B. Myers

The Shabbos Queen by Stuart B. Myers, © Stuart B. Myers

24.10.2022 - Article

Don't miss the Chutzpah! Festival's two events with a German background this year! 

The Shabbos Queen

Presented by JQT Vancouver with Chutzpah! Festival & Or Shalom Synagogue

Part ritual, part performance and a homemade five-course meal, *The Shabbos Queen*  is a new, queer take on an old Jewish ritual: Shabbat. With inspirations ranging from Barbra Streisand to Kabbalah, *The Shabbos Queen* creates a sweet and kind-of sexy stop from the fast-paced world. It's an everybody-welcome evening for unwinding, dreaming and togetherness, offering a taste of paradise. 
The piece was created in Berlin in what used to be a Jewish bakery before the war. Originally funded by the Berlin Senatsverwaltung fur Kultur und Europa, it has been presented in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Brooklyn, Krakow, Miami, Philadelphia, and Tel Aviv.

Only 70 tickets are available. Limited sliding scale tickets available for those who reach out to info@jqtvancouver.ca. JQT Vancouver is a volunteer-run Jewish queer trans nonprofit dedicated to 'queering' Jewish spaces and 'Jew-ifying' queer spaces.

Date: November 25, 2022
Time: 7pm
Running Time: 3 Hours
Venue: Or Shalom Synagogue | 710 E 10th Ave E | Vancouver

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“Stuart- You should be proud. It's obvious that you have a gift to share, and we're lucky you do. I think coaxing a bunch of millennials into taking part in ancient rituals, all while disconnecting from technology and reconnecting to each other and the world, all in a space based upon a ”Palace in Time,“ is risky to say the least, and somehow you're doing it, making Shabbat fun, sexy, and not just for Jews. Brilliant.” ~ Nick (Brooklyn)

Radical System Art
Radical System Art© MOI Emilie Bland Photography


Echo Chamber is the newest work from Action at a Distance, created by Vanessa Goodman in collaboration with performing artist Ileanna Cheladyn, with original sound by Loscil and arresting lighting by James Proudfoot. Ileanna transports her audience to a hauntingly beautiful world thick with visceral physicality and full of soft, tender vulnerability.
This new piece will be paired with Ghost Scripts, Pg. 1, a new project by Internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Shay Kuebler, along with his younger ensemble of dancers, exploring the language of dreams. Created in collaboration with James Proudfoot.

Both Action at a Distance and Radical System Art developed these premiere works through artistic residencies at the Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre.

Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance - World Premiere of Echo Chamber (Canada)
Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art – Ghost Scripts (Canada)

Date & Time: November 21 & 22 at 8pm
Venue: Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre 

(Digital Streaming Available)

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