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The End of Loneliness

The End of Loneliness, © Diogenes, winluk06 at Pixabay

04.01.2023 - Article

This month’s pick at the European Union Book Club in Ottawa comes from Germany: The End of Loneliness by Benedict Wells. This book review takes place online (Zoom).

European Book Club: The End of Loneliness (Online)

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 6:00 pm (EST) / 3:00 pm (PST) / 4:00 pm (MST)
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About the book:
When their idyllic childhood is shattered by the sudden death of their parents, siblings Marty, Liz and Jules are sent to a bleak state boarding school. Once there, the orphans' lives change tracks: Marty throws himself into academic life; Liz is drawn to dark forms of escapism; and Jules transforms from a vivacious child to a withdrawn teenager.

The only one who can bring him out of his shell is his mysterious classmate Alva, who hides a dark past of her own, but despite their obvious love for one another, the two leave school on separate paths.

Years later, just as it seems that they can make amends for time wasted, the past catches up with them, and fate - or chance - will once again alter the course of a life.

Told through the fractured lives of the siblings, The End of Loneliness is a heartfelt, enriching novel about loss and loneliness, family and love.

“Dazzling ”

- John Irving

Cinema© Colourbox

Goethe on Demand: Twelve Films from four Genres

With twelve films from four genres, Genre Cinema from Germany aims to arouse interest in genre films and provide insights into surprisingly diverse trends in German filmmaking. In 2023, one film from the genres of science fiction, crime, road movie and horror will be shown each month.

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Sofia Ilmonen Show Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week / MBFW Berlin March 2022
Netflix series “Queer Eye” cast at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, March 2022© Eventpress for Mercedes-Benz

German Series in Canada

“Queer Eye Germany”: Radical Positivity Makes for Good TV

“Queer Eye Germany” offers a very different take on a binge-able series. The show is … nice. Charming. Inspiring, even. The premise is that a crew of host experts, all proudly queer, drops in on a different person each episode and helps them rethink their life, aided and abetted by a new wardrobe and a remodeled pad. But the true makeovers here happen on the psychic and emotional levels.

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Premiere of the Netflix series 1899
Actors Andreas Pietschmann, Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar (l-r) arrive at the premiere of the Netflix series 1899 at Funkhaus Berlin.© dpa

Binge Fever

“1899”: Sailing Into the Dark Unknown

There was immense hype in the run-up to its release: The team behind the wildly successful hit “Dark” promised even more mystery, even more thrills and chills, and even more riddles. So, was all the hard work worth it?

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