VIFF: Austrian Movie „Corsage“


Corsage, © IFC Films

05.01.2023 - Article

It is Christmas 1877, and the beautiful Austrian Empress Elisabeth, known for her beauty, is turning 40. As the First Lady of Austria and wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, she is not allowed to speak out and must remain the youthful, beautiful empress forever. To fulfill these expectations, she subjects herself to a strict regime of fasting, exercise, hairstyles, and daily measurement of her height. Suffocating under these conventions and hungry for knowledge and life, Elisabeth increasingly rebels against this image. Officially now considered an old woman, she wonders what she is still worth if she can no longer live up to her own image.

The Austrian historical drama is one of the 15 nominated productions in the category „Best International Film“ at the 2023 Academy Awards.
Germany will be represented at the Oscars in the same category by the film adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's novel „All Quiet on the Western Front“.

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