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Berlinale 2023

Berlinale 2023, © Ana Belén Asfura

28.02.2023 - Article

Berlinale Talents is a talent development program that runs parallel to the Berlinale and explores the how and why of filmmaking. From February 18 to 23, Berlinale Talents welcomed 204 selected filmmakers to Berlin: for a community from 68 countries, the six-day exchange of experiences on the topic “You Must Be Joking: Humor in Serious Times” was the ticket to one of the largest film communities worldwide with soon 10,000 Berlinale Talents Alumni.

From Canada, seven filmmakers were invited to Berlinale Talents, including Vancouver-based film producer Ana Belén Asfura, who captured the Berlinale and the Berlinale Talents Program for us with some photos and a short blog:

It has been a few days since the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival finished, and my mind is still processing the experience I just had at the Berlinale Talents Program.

My relationship with the festival started a few years ago, back in 2018. As a Film Producer trying to make the big jump to the international landscape, my first encounter with the industry was at the European Film Market. That experience, sometimes overwhelming but worth it to build a network, made the Berlinale the place where everything started for me.

Since that moment, a special connection and relationship was developed with the festival and the team behind it. A sense of belonging was created, giving space to think about the future of my career and projects, which I feel it fits with the kind of movies and industry trends they encourage.

In 2023, with a background in Impact Production and Distribution and Marketing, I came back as part of the Berlinale Talents Program, highlighting the Impact Production Hub that I am building now in Vancouver. From discussing human relationships and work-life balance, to networking and speed meetings, the program makes you navigate through different levels of personal awareness and vulnerability, helping you to find your strengths and overcome work and life situations that are hunting filmmakers nowadays.

After this 5-day program, the 204 selected filmmakers from 68 countries, came to one conclusion: we are not alone. In a world where individualism, war, and lack of human connections are part of our day, having the chance to talk about our concerns within the industry and life in general, made me feel grateful for being part of this experience and especially the Berlinale Talents community.

What is next? Time will tell. For now, the goal is to keep going and developing the Impact Production Hub that will help filmmakers from all over the world to make a change in our society through inspiring stories. After several meetings and feedback from professionals of the industry, more than ever, I am convinced that filmmakers need a safe space to express themselves and bring to life their film ideas that can make the audiences part of a community. Because even now, in a world that seems to be function without kindness and humanity, our filmmaker eye makes us see a brighter light in front of us. If it is from a projector or just hope, I leave you to decide.

Ana Belén Asfura
Film Producer
Berlinale Talent 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us, Ana!

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