R2R Film Festival for Youth 2023

Simply Nina

Simply Nina, © Schiwago Film, Karin Heberlein

07.03.2023 - Article

The Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023! This year's feature films also include the international premiere of the German movie “Simply Nina”.

About the movie:

Named Niklas at birth, 8-year old Nina will no longer hide who she really is. Only her close friend and neighbour has ever seen Nina in a dress, and only in the tree house where she feels safest to be herself. Nina has decided to wear her dress to school today, regardless of what her parents, brother, or classmates think – she has always felt like a girl and now she’s ready to live as one. Her mom reluctantly plays along, speculating this is just a bit of passing, youthful fun. Nina’s grandpa supports her, but her father finds it difficult to accept this transition. Her parents, who are separated and cannot agree on almost anything, can’t manage a united front in this delicate moment. Old conflicts bubble to the surface as this imperfect family faces new challenges within their community and at Nina’s school. Traversing the stages of loss, denial, bargaining, anger, and acceptance, throughout Nina’s unflinching pursuit of self-actualization, Simply Nina puts love at the centre and tells the story of a nuanced family that sticks together when it’s needed most.

Germany | 2022 | 89 minutes | German with English subtitles | recommended for age: 11+


Date:               Saturday, April 1, 2023 
Time:              12:00 PM PDT
Venue:            VIFF Centre – Vancity Theatre | 1181 Seymour Street | Vancouver, BC

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