Meeting Dr. Andrew Weaver

From left to right: Dr. Andrew Weaver, Concul General Marc Eichhorn

From left to right: Dr. Andrew Weaver, Concul General Marc Eichhorn, © Marc Eichhorn

29.03.2023 - Article

Consul General Marc Eichhorn recently had the honor of meeting with Dr. Andrew Weaver, former leader of the British Columbia Green Party, prominent scientist and now professor at the School of Earth & Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria, where he returned to full-time teaching in 2020 after serving seven and a half years in politics.

Dr. Weaver related in this conversation that upon his return to academia, he has observed a growing sense of hopelessness and despair among his students due to the threat of global warming, which he attributes to fear-based messages and a lack of political will on the part of elected officials. He pointed out that fear-based messages have long been known as an ineffective motivator for personal climate action.

However, Dr. Weaver sees opportunities for engagement and progress. He believes that the scientific community is ideally positioned to assist governments around the world in advancing the various solutions required for low-carbon economies.

In his own blog, Dr. Weaver shares his insights, ideas, and solutions for addressing the challenges of climate change. He offers a fresh perspective on the issue and encourages readers to take action and get involved in finding solutions.

If you are looking for a source of inspiration and ideas on how to tackle climate change, we highly recommend checking out Dr. Weaver's Blog.  With his expertise and commitment to the cause, he offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in making a positive impact on the planet.

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