Sylt: Recognized as One of the World's Most Beautiful Places by “Time” Magazine


Sylt, © Colourbox

10.05.2023 - Article

Sylt, the stunning North Sea island, has earned a spot on Time magazine's prestigious list of the 50 most beautiful places in the world! It's an extraordinary honor, as Sylt is the only destination in Germany to make it onto this coveted list. 

As the fourth-largest island in Germany, Sylt boasts an impressive 40-kilometer-long sandy beach, offering endless opportunities for seaside adventures. But it's not just the sandy shores that have caught Time magazine's attention. The island's elegant hotels and restaurants have also been lauded for their sophistication and charm. And lets not forget the delicious East Frisian tea enjoyed with “Kluntjes” and “Emscher Wölkchen”!

Time praises Sylt for its excellent cycling infrastructure and convenient public transport, making it a dream for those seeking both relaxation and exploration. 

Have you already had the pleasure of visiting Sylt? If not, it might be worth a trip!

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