Vancouver Westside German School: 'Fur-tastic' Summer Camp 2023

Children making soap bubbles

Children making soap bubbles, © Colourbox

15.05.2023 - Article

🌍🐾 Dive into the Animal Kingdom at the Summer Camp 2023 of the Vancouver Westside German School! 🐾🌿

📢 Calling all parents of curious little adventurers aged 5-7! 🎉

Looking for an exciting and educational summer camp experience for your children? Look no further! Vancouver Westside German School proudly presents “Tierischer Spaß / Animal Fun” Summer Camp 2023, where your little ones can embark on an extraordinary journey into the captivating world of animals. 🦁🐴

🌳 Immerse in Animal Wonder: From wild animals to farm animals and adorable pets, the little campers will discover the enchanting diversity of the animal kingdom. They'll learn about their habitats, behaviors, and fascinating characteristics that make each species unique.

🐶 Games Galore: Let the fun and learning begin! Children will get the chance to unleash their creativity by designing and playing new games. Get ready for some exciting challenges and endless entertainment!

🔍 Animal Tracking Adventure: Adventure awaits as the young explorers step into nature's playground! They'll go on thrilling expeditions to the beach, forest, and park, where they'll observe animals in their natural habitats and eagerly search for intriguing animal tracks. It's the perfect opportunity to sharpen those detective skills!

🌺 Cultural Connection: The campers will also discover the rich significance of animals in Native culture. Through captivating stories and engaging activities, they'll gain a deeper understanding of the importance and symbolism that animals hold in indigenous traditions.

🎨 Crafty Creations: Unleash the artist within! Children will get hands-on with nature-inspired crafts, using natural materials to create beautiful masterpieces. Their imagination will soar as they bring their animal-inspired creations to life.

📅 Camp Details: Vancouver Westside German School “Animal Fun” Summer Camp 2023 will run from July 10 to July 14. Spaces are limited, so secure your child's spot today! 

Please register by June 16th, 2023!

More information and registration here.

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