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Marc Eichhorn, Consul général

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Consul General Marc Eichhorn© Susanne Eichhorn

  Dear readers,
We hope you are all enjoying the last few days of summer to the fullest and preparing yourself well for the long rainy months ahead!
But rain or no rain - October is going to be exciting! In Canada, October has been officially designated German Heritage Month in 2016 to recognize the remarkable contributions of Canadians of German descent to Canada's success. We are very honored and excited about this!
And the choice could not have fallen on a better month than October, because on October 3, 2022, we will celebrate for the 32nd time the highest and most important holiday there is in Germany: the Day of German Unity! For many Germans who still grew up with the Wall, this will always remain a very special day and evoke extraordinary memories: How we stand in thousands, completely stunned, along a highway that once ended impassably at a barbed-wire fence, insurmountable and fiercely guarded by watchtowers on the other side. Thousands and thousands of Trabants now rolling along this once silent road with completely overwhelmed, crying, laughing passengers who stopped, got out and fell sobbing into the arms of strangers. Incredible moments that will never be forgotten.
But there's more to be excited about this October: all the many fine events coming up this month! The Vancouver Writer's Festival has invited Pierre Jarawan, a highly interesting German-Lebanese author whose events we are very excited about! And to share our joy with you, we are giving away 10 tickets for one of the two events with Pierre!
There are also many interesting German productions and co-productions to see at the VIFF and we hope there is something for every taste!
Check out all the events in our newsletter, we look forward to seeing you there!
With best regards from your

October Newsletter

Curriculum Vitae

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Born 1962 in Backnang.

Secondary School Examination, Stuttgart
1982/10 – 1983/10
Military Service, Ulm
1983/10 – 1986/03
Economics studies, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim

1986/04 – 1991/04

History and Roman languages studies, University of Heidelberg
1991/05 – 1993/04
Training at the diplomatic service school, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1993/05 – 1993/07
Language training Polish, Bonn/Warsaw

1993/08 – 1993/10

UN arms control programme, Geneva, Switzerland
1993/11 – 1996/10
Desk officer, German Embassy Warsaw, Poland
1996/11 – 1999/07
Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1999/08 – 2002/06
Desk officer, German Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, Japan

2002/07 – 2005/06

Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2005/07 – 2006/01
Head diplomatic extension office Herat, German Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan
2006/02 – 2010/06
Deputy head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2010/07 – 2012/04
Deputy head of mission, German Consulate General Los Angeles, USA
2012/05 – 2013/06
Deputy head of mission, German Embassy Tripolis, Libya
2013/07 – 2015/06
Desk officer, German Embassy London, United Kingdom
2014/01 – 2014/03
Acting head of mission, German Embassy Sana´a, Yemen
2015/07 – 2017/07
Head of mission, German Consulate General Erbil, Iraq
2017/08 – 2021/07
Head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2021/08 – 2022/06
Secondment, German Interior Ministry, Berlin

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