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Marc Eichhorn, Consul général

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Consul General Marc Eichhorn© Susanne Eichhorn

Dear readers,

A wonderful summer is coming to an end, both schools and universities are about to start again, and we hope you all had a good rest during the summer months! Our new colleagues have also all arrived by now, including our new Consul General Marc Eichhorn, who came to us directly from the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin and has now been settling in over the last few weeks.

The visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck to Canada was certainly the most important event in August with regard to further bilateral relations between Canada and Germany. The German politicians met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources and signed a memorandum of understanding on August 23 for a German Canadian Hydrogen Partnership that stipulates deliveries of green hydrogen to Germany as of 2025. This is an important step in moving Germany away from its dependence on Russian gas supplies and towards an energy cooperation with a democratic partner and friend. At the end of the conference, both Scholz and Trudeau once again expressed the great friendship between the two countries. Canada and Germany have long enjoyed a close partnership in industrial cooperation, technology partnerships and research cooperation and are growing even closer in light of the current geopolitical events.

With these good news we send you our best wishes for a wonderful Indian summer!

Your Editor Team

Curriculum Vitae

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Born 1962 in Backnang.

Secondary School Examination, Stuttgart
1982/10 – 1983/10
Military Service, Ulm
1983/10 – 1986/03
Economics studies, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim

1986/04 – 1991/04

History and Roman languages studies, University of Heidelberg
1991/05 – 1993/04
Training at the diplomatic service school, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1993/05 – 1993/07
Language training Polish, Bonn/Warsaw

1993/08 – 1993/10

UN arms control programme, Geneva, Switzerland
1993/11 – 1996/10
Desk officer, German Embassy Warsaw, Poland
1996/11 – 1999/07
Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1999/08 – 2002/06
Desk officer, German Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, Japan

2002/07 – 2005/06

Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2005/07 – 2006/01
Head diplomatic extension office Herat, German Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan
2006/02 – 2010/06
Deputy head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2010/07 – 2012/04
Deputy head of mission, German Consulate General Los Angeles, USA
2012/05 – 2013/06
Deputy head of mission, German Embassy Tripolis, Libya
2013/07 – 2015/06
Desk officer, German Embassy London, United Kingdom
2014/01 – 2014/03
Acting head of mission, German Embassy Sana´a, Yemen
2015/07 – 2017/07
Head of mission, German Consulate General Erbil, Iraq
2017/08 – 2021/07
Head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2021/08 – 2022/06
Secondment, German Interior Ministry, Berlin

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