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Dr. Klaus Otto Schmidt, Consul général


Dr. Klaus Otto Schmidt, Generalkonsul
Dr. Klaus Otto Schmidt, Generalkonsul© GKChengdu/Schmidt
Dear readers,

what do you wish someone else for their 30th birthday? You can find a multitude of recommendations on the Internet, for example the following: « Instead of complaining about getting older, be proud that you have mastered this world for three decades with flying colors! We are proud of you and wish you a little more serenity, optimism and a good mood for your 30th birthday  ». Our private message to our son Martin will be similar. He celebrates his « 30 » on October 17th. Born in Bonn, he now lives in Berlin. He is, so to speak, a child of German unity, he never lived to see the division of Germany.

On October 3rd, we will celebrate 30 years of German unity. Within a generation we have succeeded in overcoming the divisions and creating something new. The financial costs were immense, but it was worth it. The « solidarity contribution », the 5.5% supplement to income and corporation tax levied since 1991, has reminded German taxpayers every month that the unit Germany was not to be had for free.

During these days we also remember with gratitude that the « German Unity » project received international support, especially from our friends in North America. Historians and political scientists will certainly look back and balance debits and credits. I look forward to hearing from Canadian analysts. On October 2nd there will be the opportunity to participate in a webinar that our embassy in Ottawa organized on the occasion of the Peter Mansbridge, and Canada's former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, have among others agreed to attend. In 1989 Mansbridge reported live from Berlin about the fall of the Berlin Wall for CBC.

I still remember my time as a press officer at the German Embassy in Ottawa from 1991-1995. The interest in Germany was extremely high at the time, and the demand for German courses was high as well. A massive piece of the Berlin Wall was set up in the Conference Center in Ottawa in memory of the « 2 + 4 Talks » agreed on the sidelines of the « Open Skies Conference » in Ottawa in 1990. I have fond memories of my first four years in Canada in every way.

Germany has mastered the diverse challenges of the past 30 years well. So one can congratulate and we can - in all modesty - also be a little proud and look ahead with confidence.

Best regards

Dr Klaus Schmidt


Curriculum Vitae

Consul General Dr. jur. Klaus Schmidt
Born November 27, 1956 in Würzburg
Married, two children

1976 - 1981

Law Studies
University of Würzburg

1st State Exam
1981 - 1984
Practical Training
2nd State Exam
PhD (Dr. jur. utriusque)
1985 - 2003

Press and Information Office
Federal Government Bonn/Berlin

Assignments and Entry to the Foreign Office

1987 - 1988

Press Section
German Consulate General Los Angeles, USA

1991 - 1995

Head of Press and Information Department, Visa and Consular Section
German Embassy Ottawa, Canada

2003 - 2005

Head of Division K 01
Political and Public Relations abroad
Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

2005 - 2008

Political Section
German Embassy Tokyo, Japan

2008 - 2011

Head of Division 603 and 608
Multilateral and Media Policy / Public Diplomacy abroad
Federal Foreign Office, Berlin


Head of Cultural Section
German Embassy Tokyo, Japan

2012 - 2015

Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Economic Section
German Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015 - 2018

Consul General

German Consulate General Chengdu, China

since 8/2018

Consul General
German Consulate General Vancouver, Canada

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