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24.11.2017 - Article
Harald Kuckertz, Honorary Consul
Harald Kuckertz, Honorary Consul© GK Vancouver

Honorary Consul: Harald W. Kuckertz

Office: Edmonton, Alberta

Reports to: German Consulate General in Vancouver

Office Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 9 a.m. - 12 noon, passport applications by appointment only

Consular district: province of Alberta North of 52 degrees latitude and Northwest Territories

We offer the following services:

  • passport applications
  • name declarations
  • birth registrations
  • consular assistance in emergencies (i.e. accident, death, arrest of a German citizen)
  • certification/authentication of signatures (i.e. police clearance certificate application, letters of approval, power of attorney, renouncement of succession)
  • certification of photocopies
  • consular attestations

These services are NOT available:

  • notarization of applications for certificates of inheritance
  • acknowledgement of paternity
  • other notarizations
  • legalization of Canadian documents
  • emergency travel documents
  • visa applications

Please contact the Consulate General in Vancouver resp. the Consulate General in Toronto instead.

How to reach us:


Honorary Consul in Edmonton


Mr. Harald W. Kuckertz, Honorary Consul


+1 780 434 04 30


+1 780 439 99 50

Postal address

8005 - 102 Street,
Edmonton, AB T6E 4A2


8005 - 102 Street

Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday 9 a.m. - 12 noon, passport applications by appiontment only

Administrative / consular district

Province of Alberta, south of 52 degrees latitude and North-West Territories (NWT)

Contact the honorary consuls of Germany in Canada

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