French-German Friendship beyond the Treaty of Aachen

French German Partnership  

French German Partnership, © German Consulate Toronto

21.01.2019 - Article

“There is no country with which we have closer ties than with France”, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas emphasized on the occasion of the signing of the Treaty of Aachen on January 22. In this spirit, we are planning even more joint events and partnerships with our French colleagues in Toronto.

The Franco-German friendship treaty is based on the 1963 Elysée Treaty and intends to guide the cooperation with our French friends in the future. In particular, new topics such as digitalization, education and technology come to the fore. Our countries also want to work closer together with regards to foreign, security and defence policy issues for a strong, modern and united Europe. We are seeking as many joint positions and ministerial statements as possible. Moreover, mobility and youth exchange programs will be strengthened and the scientific exchange between our two countries will be increased, for example by creating a Franco-German forum for academics and intellectuals. Furthermore, we will establish joint cultural institutes all over the world.

In this spirit, we are intensifying the exchange with our French colleagues here in Toronto as well. Together we are planning even more joint events in order to express the importance of Franco-German friendship in Canada. We are intending to work together on educational, cultural and environmental issues as well as on trade relations between the European Union and Ontario. As the Treaty of Aachen emphasizes in particular the adaptation of our educational systems through the development of mutual learning of each other’s languages, we in Toronto invite you to take advantage of the wide range of German and French language learning opportunities offered by our partners Goethe-Institut and Alliance Française.

Ein Hoch auf die deutsch-französische Freundschaft! Vive l’amitié franco-allemande!

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